"Awesome God"



"Heaven's Artist!"

One morning I climbed up a mountain in the autumn of the year.
It was crisp and cold that morning for winter was drawing near.
With each step I took through that beauty, I looked around in cheer
And thought to myself, "Oh my, Heaven's Artist must have been here."

When I reached the top of the mountain, I looked out with awe
For spread out everywhere below me, God's glory I always saw.
It looked like bright colors of yellow, red, rust, green, and gold
Were splashed as if by some artist with brush strokes so bold.

As I stood that autumn morning on the mountain top so high
I could feel God's presence all around me as I looked up to the sky.
As the sun shone bright and fleecy clouds were slowly floating past,
"Can heaven really be much more beautiful than this?" I asked.

Soon I heard the sound of God's voice whispering softly into my ear.
"Oh yes, My child, heaven's beauty is so much better than here.
If you knew what heaven was really like, all this would bring a tear.
But soon you'll see your lovely new homes so don't worry and never fear.

For the beauty and colors you see spread out before you so bold
Will mean nothing to you compared to walking on streets of gold
So look around and enjoy this world's beauty while you still may
Once you see the treasures of heaven, that's where you'll want to stay.

I received God's every word with a feeling of great hope and joy
Like a child at Christmas who has been given a brand new toy.
Now I look forward with gladness toward that wonderful day
When Jesus comes from heaven to take all God's children away.

by Beatrice (Bea) Filkins




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