"A Sister!"

We have shared a lifetime, Sister, of deep feelings for each other.
And warm memories of all that we've been through with one another,
For we had a special closeness that keeps growing through the years!
And the kind of bond, that strengthens through the laughter and the tears!

Now I'm hoping you can see the love that's in my heart for you.
And my gratitude for all you are, and everything you do!
For you're the friend I've turned to, you're the sister who's been there!
To make the good times better, and to understand and care!

With my undying Love, I dedicate my life and my heart, to you!
My Sister!



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I dedicate this page for my lovely Sisters!
With my deepest ~love~
~Kathleen~ and ~Sylvia~
And to the precious Memories of
Janice and Sandra

My Angels
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