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"My Special Friend!"

Lord bless my friend for all the things
She takes time to do,
The thoughtfulness she puts behind each
act of kindness too!

Bless her for the loving way she brightens many days
With caring and encouragement,
with compliments and praise.
Bless her for her faith in me,
her words that help me grow--
For being just the dearest friend,
I think I'll ever know!

by: Emily Matthews

Friends Make the world Beautiful!

They share their point of view,
And help us see things in a way,

That's wonderful and new.
Friends make the world more beautiful,
in countless different ways,
Making good times better~
and enriching all our days!

Emily Matthews

It may seem we take for granted,
as the busy days go past!
The good and faithful friendships,
that we're counting on to last.
But there's a special language,
understood by you and me!

In which our words of gratitude
are spoken silently.
And though your heart already knows,
sometimes I like to say.

~You've made my world more beautiful~
I'm glad you came my way.


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This page is dedicated to my Special ~Friend~
Made just for her, with warmest love!
My Friend: (\*/)~Angel Heart~(\*/)

Bruce De Boer

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