"Merry Christmas"

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As Christmas fast approaches again.
I'm reminded how quickly the years seem to pass, my friend.

Then I look out at the gently falling snow,
My mind drifts back to a time not long ago.

I see happy faces of family and friends.
And wished at that moment, it would never end.

We hurry and rush and forget the reason.
Of all the things that make the Christmas Season.

My wish for you at this special time of the year,
Is that you can hold onto all that is dear.

Like love of family, friends and faith in God above.
I send this greeting to you now, filled with love.

I love you and miss you, and though we're miles apart...
One thing remains, you'll always be here in my heart.

Merry Christmas, dear friend of mine.
And may the New Year be just fine.

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This greeting is dedicated to my sisters, Sylvia and Kathleen.

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