Just a Dog

He was just a dog, so they say.
Just a dog, who came my way.
As a pup, he was cute as could be.
Just a dog, that became precious to me.

He was just a dog and yet I know.
He would follow me where ever I'd go.
He grew to be a wonderful friend.
Just a dog, how sad it must end.

He was always there to greet and defend.
Just a dog that heaven did send.
He was just a dog but a part of me is missing.
I miss seeing that dog and still keep wishing.
To stroke his fur and hug his big neck.
But he was just a dog, what the heck!

There are so many things about him I miss.
He was just a dog, but I still reminisce.
And even though he did depart.
He was just a dog who has stolen my heart.

Writen by:
Dawn Reber

This page is dedicated to my boy, my Barney.
And to all of our beloved pets that are sorely missed.
The image of Barney is digitally painted by me.

To find out how to send a loving memorial to someone who
has lost one of their friends, go to this site.
Christian Veterinary Clinic


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