This Way Annimation

I created this graphic using the program called Poser. It just inspired me to create this page.
I hope you enjoy it and tell others about it too.


When I opened my eyes
I saw a bright light.
Somehow I knew,
I had taken flight.

The wonder of this feeling
Was swept over me.
Peaceful and happy
In an instant, I was free.

He beckoned and called
Out my name.
I knew nothing would
Ever be the same.

As I reached my hand out to Him
I heard Him softly say.
You are a child of God,
Come This Way!

He gently took my hand,
His smile was tender and sweet
As we entered the light
There were others there to greet.

I am at peace now,
Please don't weep for me.
I am with my Lord,
For all Eternity!

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