"My Carousel!"

When I think of days gone passed...
Just a reminder of my childhood dreams..
My mind starts to wander,
Of happier times, it seems.

Oh, to feel that rush of anxiety..
When to the park we would go!
I could hear the music from afar..
It would make my heart beat and feet flow.

I'd race with anticipation
To the music I loved..
Oh, to be that child again.
Would be a gift from above!

Finally, there they were!
Bright blue, yellow and grey!
Up and down , around and around...
Wait! I think I even heard a neigh...

I'd jump with delight
Climb aboard, away I'd fly..
I was caught up in a dream,
Between the earth and the sky!

I can still feel that child in me,
Riding my pony, Misty Belle!
I'll always feel young and carefree,
As long as they have my "Carousel"....

Writen by,

Dawn Reber!


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