Welcome to the Game. Hidden in this room are many exits, but only one will let you out. Some will lead you to another room, others, I'm afraid, will bring you right back here. This is just a silly page, one to just explore and test your skill..hee hee      Maybe worthless and yet who knows, it might just let you forget for awhile, your troubles, cares and woes..                                                                    
Just look around and it becomes clear. This just might not be as easy as it appears.                                                                                        
One, two, buckle my shoes, three four, behind which door?      Five, six which one sticks. Seven, eight lay them straight.       Nine, ten do it again       
Whether you believe it or not, the exit is hidden somewhere on this page. You searched high and you searched low. You feel there's no place to go. The prize is waiting, now go ahead and try, You won't be sorry, although you may ask, why!!!
The right door will open to a new room with the words,
Congratulations you made it........

...........Have fun..........