This set is shareware.
It is set in exact tables with the use of IFrames and pop up, preview windows for the picture examples on the left. The photos were all taken by me with my digital camera.
Of course you can put your own images there, as long as the thumbnails are no larger than 118 X 90. Each image is set on it's own HTML page for the pop up window to work. I'm not sure if the IFrames will work correctly with Netscape.
The Banner, My Homepage, can be edited to show your page title. IFrames are quite easy to do. You will need a separate HTML page where you add all your content. That will be the page you edit and it will show in the main page you are viewing now. Place the name of that page in the IFrame tags. Your main HTML page won't change in size and upset the exact table layout.

The use of this complete set cost $20.00 or for exclusive rights to it, costs $50.00. If exclusive rights are purchased, the set will be taken down and no longer available to others.
I will send complete set in zip form to you. Font and readme will also be included.
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